If you have an obituary you'd like to share with us,
please type it up and email to me at donna@familytrail.com
A copy of the newspaper obituary and a photograph are most welcome for our archive!


Obituaries for 2001

Obituaries for 2000

Obituaries for 1999

Obituaries for 1998


Younkin et var Obituary References 1999 - 2005

We have also collected the Obituary references from Roots Web. If anyone has copies of the actual obituaries, we would appreciate copies for our archive!

Grateful appreciation goes out to Mark Miner (www.minerd.com) for researching and sending me the volume of these obituaries! Also to those family members who have submitted their loved ones remembrances.

If there is no lineage below the obituary it means that I am not sure what their lineage is. We'd welcome more information on these cousins! Please email me at: