Minnesota Younkin Reunion
Held Father's Day 2004

7th consecutive Family Reunion for the Clarence Younkin family that grew up
in Paynesville, Minnesota. The family currently has 272 living members on
the family tree. About seventy-five attend each year's reunion.
Names are from left to right

Submitted by Ken & Dee Scott <danelson@ties2.net>

Click on the photos for a larger view

Family photo of the Clarence Younkin family (youngest to oldest):
Lois, Kenneth, Robert, Margorie, Luverne, Donald, Dorothy, Herbert, Helen, Vernice, Georgia, Evelyn and Leo

Younkin Elders: Geraldine (wife of the late Donald), Bob, Herb, Bud (husband of the late Helen) and Dorothy

Note: Of the 13 children that Clarence and Otilla had, five are living.

Derek, left, is a ten-year-old cousin from Texas; Keith, Ken & Dee Scott's son, on the manuare spreader with the 357 engine. Ken and Keith built the"novelty" spreader to take to parades.
Younkins: Alice, Herb, Kathryn and Bruce
Younkins: Bill, Clara, Frank, Alfred and Lynda
Mitchell, Chad's fiancée, Chad, Donna and Jodie
Younkins: Jenna, Cindy, Arnie, Willie
Nelsons (Grandchildren of Georgia): Bobby, Arlette (daughter-in-law), Amanda, Jeremy and Nick


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