Our Junghen Family in the Military

Pension Files for Military Service
Found at the National Archives in DC
We have copies of these original files and can make copies of any you might be interested in.

Soldier's Name Parents or Spouse War
Aaron S.YOUNKIN Sarah (Alton) Civil War
Aaron YOUNKINS Simon & Anna (Bishop) Civil War
Alexander YOUNKIN Harriet Amanda (Mooney) Civil War
Alfred YOUNKIN Mary (King) Civil War
Balaam YOUNKIN Amanda (King) Ellen (Dull) Crosson Civil War
Benjamin F.YOUNKIN Sarah A. (Flowers) Civil War
Benjamin F.YOUNKINS Sarah A. (Shearer) Civil War
Charles (L.?) YOUNKIN   Civil War
Charles Youngkin   Unknown
Charles YOUNKIN   Civil War
Charles YOUNKIN Malinda (Colblath) Civil War
Christopher YOUNKIN Helen Mary Adeline (Sims) Civil War
Daniel H. YOUNKEN Margarett E. (Braden) Civil War
David YOUNGNE (sp?)   Revolutionary War
Elias YOUNKAN   Revolutionary War
Elijah B. YOUNKEN Caroline (Lambert) Civil War
Foster H. YOUNKIN Jacob J. & Dorcas (Hartzell) Younkin Civil War
Frank Youngkin   Unknown
Franklin YOUNKIN Harriet F. (Sherbondy) Civil War
Frederick J. YOUNKIN Delilah (Faidley) Civil War
Frederick JUNGKURTH   Revolutionary War
George A. YOUNKIN Charlotte (Younkin) Younkin Civil War
George YONKINS   Revolutionary War
George YOUNGKIN   Revolutionary War
George YOUNKINS   Revolutionary War
Harrison K.YOUNKIN Sarah (Hanna) Civil War
Henry YOUNKIN Mary (Cordrey) Civil War
Isaac Youngkin Anna E. Stuber Civil War
Jacob M. YOUNKIN Mary Jane (Christner) (child: J. Harvey) Civil War
Jacob YOUNKIN Hannah (Nicola) Revolutionary War
Jefferson YOUNKIN Matilda (Rickey) Civil War
Jerome YOUNGKIN Eliza J. (Bingman) Mary Ann (Hall) Civil War
Joel R. YOUNGKIN Martha L. Civil War
John C. K. YOUNGKIN Julia B. Van Ausdel Civil War
John F. YOUNKIN Samuel & Catherine (Godlove) Younkin Civil War
John F. YOUNKIN   Civil War
John F. YOUNKIN Jennie F. Civil War
John F. YOUNKINS Elizabeth Civil War
John H. YOUNKIN Lucinda (Sweitzer) Civil War
John H. YOUNKIN   Civil War
John W. YOUNKIN   Civil War
John X. YOUNKIN Eliza A. Civil War
John YOUNGINS   Revolutionary War
John Youngkin Hannah (Ritter)  
John YOUNKIN Marietta (King) Civil War
John YOUNKIN Deliana (Shultz) Cordelia (Hendrix) Civil War
John YOUNKIN   Revolutionary War
John YOUNKIN Margaret (Trout) War of 1812
John YOUNKINS (alias John Jonkins) Helena "Lena" (Fuchs) Civil War
Lewis YOUNKINS William & Mary (Spiker) Younkins Civil War
Michael YOUNKIN Isaac & Rebecca (Walters) Younkin Civil War
Michael YOUNKINS Elcy (Bowser) Civil War
Moses YOUNKIN Lavilia (Mitchell) Mary (Thompson) Civil War
Nicholas YOUNKIN Mary (Young) War of 1812
Reuben A. YOUNKIN Aaron & Mary Younkin Civil War
Ross F. YOUNKIN Cyrene Samantha (Collier) Civil War
Samuel F. YOUNKIN Ellen (Iams) Civil War
Samuel YOUNKINS Lizzie Civil War
Silas YOUNKIN Lucinda Harshberger Zobedia J. (Ream) Civil War
Simon YOUNKIN Anna (Bishop) - see Aaron above Civil War
Singleton YOUNKIN Eliza J. (DeMoss) Civil War
Uriah YOUNKIN Louisa (DeArmy) Civil War
Walter B. YOUNKIN   Civil War
Walter S. YOUNKIN Eva.M. (Troyer) -she m #2 GILLESPIE Civil War
Walter YOUNKIN (AKA-Walter ROBERTS) Mother: Laura J. May wife: Ruby Spanish American
William C. YOUNKINS Elizabeth Civil War
William H. YOUNKIN Elizabeth (Starkey) (Pyatt) Civil War
William YOUNKINS Harriet A. (Smith) Civil War

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