Civil War Patriots
gather at Jersey Cemetery


Civil War patriots at Jersey Church Cemetery, Ursina, Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Original photograph owned by Tom Younkin, Ashland Ohio (date unknown)

Listed on the back of the picture are these numbers and names:

  1. Jerome Jennings
  2. Leroy Forquer
  3. Zack Tannehill
  4. Dr. Mountain
  5. James R. Johnston
  6. [unknown]
  7. Jacob Phillippi
  8. Balaam Younkin
  9. Samuel Tressler
  10. Dave Fields
  11. Jacob J. Rush
  12. Harrison Rush
  13. Isaac Hall
  14. [unknown]
  15. Isaac Van Sickel
  16. Daniel Sechler
  17. Silas Conn
  18. William Thomas
  19. [unknown]

This photograph, taken July 1996, shows the same location in the Jersey Cemetery where these men were standing. Note the monument with the ball in the center of this photo can be found in the top photo just to the right of the flag.

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