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Suggestions for using these pages:

   These pages are fairly LARGE as I have posted complete messages (including the quoted text from previous posts when someone is responding to someone else).

   You have a few choices as to how to browse this information but I would definitely suggest using the search capability above and search for a name other than Elder (perhaps a spouses surname) or a place of residence.Other wise -- #1) you can print the pages while online; #2) you can go to the file menu (or whatever menu you have on your browser that allows you to save documents from the web) and select "Save As" and either save the pages as a "Text" document or save it as a "Source" document. If saved as a source file, you should be able to read the pages offline in your browser and still have all of the e-mail, etc. links available to you once you have logged on. If you save it as a "text only" file it will be readable offline by any word processor.

   Or you could also use your browser to do a "find" for a particular word in the page. For example if you are only interested in references to "John Elder" then load the complete page then ask your browser to search for the word "John" and it should take you to the section of the page where the word "John" is found (most browsers support this type of searching).

Happy Hunting!