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We began our organization and the "Elder Family Newsletter" in 1993. Due to some personal situations, I have been unable to publish the newsletters in recent years. When I started this endeavor, I was a stay-at-home wife and mom with plenty of time to work on genealogy and assist others with theirs. At that time there were about 15 or 20 active researchers who were anxious to share their research with others interested in their line. Well, I don't think any of us dreamed the group would ever grow to the extent it has (I sure didn't!). But the bottom line is that it's way too large for one person to handle. [And especially since I am now working full time.]

I will always keep our Elder Family Research Web Site. [I still LOVE genealogy!] And I would hate to lose all of the work we have all put our hearts and souls into over the years. It's yours to use as you wish and I hope that it will assist some of you to make your quest a tad bit easier. If you have any questions, please email Donna

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How to obtain copies of the back issues of the Elder Family Newsletters

I am in the process of preparing the back issues of the family newsletter into electronic PDF format. What I hadn't anticipated was that I would need to re-scan all of the photographs that were used in all the issues. So this process is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. If you would like to be contacted when they are ready please send me an email using the link at the bottom of this page or fill out this form and mail it to me and I will let you know as soon as they are done. If you'd like to see a list of the major articles that appeared in these issues click here.

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Please mail to:
Donna Younkin Logan
P. O. Box 252
Walkersville MD 21793

Webmaster: Donna Younkin Logan
Snail Mail: PO BOX 252, Walkersville, MD 21793
Email Donna - Click here


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