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Some listings here have names such as "Elder" John B. Smith. This use of the word "Elder", I would assume, is some sort of religious title but I'm just not sure so I have left them in the listings.

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ABBOTT, Reuben Elder - DYER, Mondia Elder


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EDWARDS, John Elder - ELDER, James W "J W"


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ELLISON, Frank Elder - JOINES, Earl Lee Elder


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JOINES, Elder Jimmy Ray - PATE, Lee Elder


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PATTON, Margaret E (ELDER) - STEBBINGS, Mary Isabelle "Maisie" (ELDER)


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STEPHENS, Virginia Elder - ZIMMERMAN, Cleo (ELDER)


KEY to OBIT References:

Deceased Name, age, residence, Newspaper obit appeared in, Date of Newspaper, submitter

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