Greene County PA Marriage Records

Early Greene County Marriages ( Part 1 )

Early Greene County Marriages, found in the summer of 1988 in a basement room of the Greene County Court House, in Waynesburg.
Some of the copies were faded and hard to read. They are marked with a ? mark or the word "faded". In places the old style of writing appeared and double s's were written as fs. Examples: Chess was Chefs; Ross was Rofs; Miss was Mifs, etc.



179. Jan 10, Samuel Elder to Ellen Shepherd 2.00

202. Oct 22, B. D. Elder to Lucinda Howard 2.50 [This is the marriage of Basil Dorsey Elder to Lucinda Howard - both of Baltimore County MD - Donna]


258. Nov 11, Michael Elder to Harriett Doman 1.00

Marriages by J.C. Booher, J.P., Ryerson Station, Greene Co., Pa
Joined in Wedlock by J.C. Booher, Esq., by
Authority of the Common Wealth [sic] of Pa.

3. James Elder to Mifs Susana W.Va. married May 17, 1874 J.C.B.



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