West Virginia Marriages

Hancock Co., WV Marriages

Ancestor Name: Spouse: Date of Ceremony:

Lee, George M. - Elder, Harriet N. - 27 May 1851

Ancestor Name, age: Spouse, age: Date of Ceremony:

Ferrell, John Freeman 23 - Elder, Roxelina - 25 June 18, 1891

Elder, Thomas Mc. 29 - Elder, Martha 22 - May 30, 1906

Source: http://www.geocities.com/hsdurbin/marry/hancomarr1.html
Hancock Marriages Marriages (A) Hancock County, WV, Marriages 1847-1861
This is an alphabetical index to the earliest marriages on record at the Hancock County, WV, Courthouse. Two volumes were transcribed; the first, a handwritten book of minister's returns; the second, a typewritten copy of the actual marriage record.


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