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Glasgow Caledonian University DNA lab - update July 23, 2007

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 9:52 am    Post subject: Glasgow Caledonian University DNA lab - update July 23, 2007 Reply with quote

July 24, 2007
Today Dr. Kiain Balloch sent a personal update from the Glasgow
Caledonian University DNA lab. They are still on hold with
their project of clan DNA kits in Scotland, but hopeful.
It was interesting to hear that his mother's family was from
I would love to find any male ELDER descendant
from Banffshire to complete a DNA kit!
Ann ELDER NORZ, a BANFF descendant
who lives in Wisconsin was great to talk to,
but she didn't know any living
Male ELDER relatives in Banff or anywhere else now.

Her handwritten ancestry tree is posted on my webpage

--- "Balloch, Kiain" <Kiain> of DNA lab writes:
> Subject: been looking at your website
> Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 13:55:17 +0100
> From: "Balloch, Kiain" <Kiain>
> To: <nancyelderpetersen>
> Hi Nancy
> I've been looking at your Elder project website and noticed that
> have identified Elder families in Banff (Scotland as opposed to
My mother's side of the family all come from Banff, Macduff,
> Portsoy, Whitehills and other towns/villages in the Morayshire area
and I've visited there a few times - the last being 3 years ago. My
> relatives have the surnames Adam, Chalmers and Hucheson.
> It's a very nice part of the world (weather permitting) and would
> be a good place to visit if you or any Elder folks are ever
considering an Elder genealogy holiday in Scotland. It would
definitely be a more pleasant destination than Govan (Glasgow)
where Elder Park is (mentioned in an earlier email).
I don't know if you've been on their site but the Banffshire
> Journal is the local paper of choice and the
website has a couple of historical pages and links:
> Still no progress with our project's approval as yet but I'll
> definitely be in touch as and when that changes.
> Kind regards,
> Dr Kiain Balloch
> Centre for Forensic Investigation
> School of Life Sciences
> Charles Oakley Labs
> Glasgow Caledonian University

Another story about Glasgow Caledonian University's DNA lab
Family Tree Folk are found at:
Fir Tree Farm, Main Street, Pollington
East Yorkshire
DN14 0DN
Office Phone
01405 869194

"Tracing your Scottish ancestors using DNA testing to soon become a reality"
12 June 2007

Glasgow Caledonian University announced in early June 2007 that it is opening a new centre to offer a DNA testing service for people interested in their possible Scottish roots. Many people from the USA, Canada and Australia are descended from settlers who originally came from Scotland, or so they believe because of family stories or traditions. However, proving the link can be difficult.

As John Gow, Director for Forensic Investigation at the University explained, " The new centre will enable people with Scottish ancestors from around the world to be able to come to Scotland and trace their records, and – if they wish – we can determine their DNA profile for them," he said. "We will be able to tell Mr Campbell from New York if he is related to Mr Campbell in Dunoon. We want to promote Glasgow Caledonian University as a centre for Scottish genealogy worldwide," he added.

The forensic centre is not up and running yet – some of the facilities are still being built but the centre will combine genetic profiling technology – DNA analysis – with traditional genealogy research methods to offer a unique service. It will offer people who have identified some links with Scotland to confirm if they are related by blood to Scottish people. The centre also plans to conduct genetic research into the clan system of Scotland, eventually putting together a genetic map that should help people unravel their Celtic roots.

DNA analysis may be complicated, but getting a sample to test couldn’t be easier – it’s a painless mouthswab. A Y-chromosome test is then used to define male lineage, while mitochondrial DNA profiling can be used to help trace the maternal line (mitochondrial DNA is only passed from a mother to her offspring).

The service is likely to cost around £60 per person, depending on the test. Several clan societies in America, including the Campbells and the Beatties, have already expressed interest in the work of the centre and it is anticipated that it could boost ancestral tourism in the area.

July 11, 2007:
Story about the Glasgow DNA lab in a .pdf file, for
an online Alumni magazine at the Glasgow Caledonian University.
Mostly the same info as other recent DNA press releases, it's
published specially for their "alumni and friends."
Cost of "60 pounds" is quoted for the DNA analysis.
See University home page

"The magazine for alumni and friends of Glasgow Caledonian"
Issue 1 : summer 07
Page 18
"Glasgow Caledonian University
has launched a pioneering new research
centre to help people to trace their
ancestors. The Centre for Forensic
Investigation, which opened in June, will
use modern genetic profiling technology
to assist people in discovering their Scottish roots. ..."

Dr. Kiain Balloch writes:
>Subject: RE: ELDER DNA - Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei's posting
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 09:19:18 +0100
From: "Balloch, Kiain" <Kiain>
To: "Nancy Elder Petersen" <nancyelderpetersen>
>Hi Nancy
>While we are able to offer individual DNA tests at present we
haven't received the final go-ahead for our research.
The kits won't be distributed until the project has gone through a
couple more approval processes (ethical, regulatory, financial,
Public sector research in the UK is very bureaucratic and the mere
mention of DNA testing gets a lot of people on edge.
Dr Lei seems to have missed that the kits won't be free either even
though her quote mentions '..for a few pounds...'
Kind regards, Kiain

Announcement for Glasgow Caledonian University DNA lab opening June 14, 2007

"DNA-Supported Ancestral Tourism"
by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei
Posted June 11, 2007

Sound the bagpipes!
Scotland wants to distribute free DIY [Do It Yourself] DNA kits as
part of their efforts to drum up tourism.
Dr. John Gow, director of the Centre for
Forensic Investigation at Glasgow Caledonian University:
" It is our intention to have DNA swabbing kits in all the tourist
information offices and hotel lobbies across the UK, so people can go
and pick up a kit for a few pounds then post it off to us and we will
do the DNA tests for them.
"We are also hoping that during Tartan Week in New York and at
international highland gatherings, the genealogy companies will take
along our test kits and distribute them.
"Participants would not only find out which clan they belong to,
they will also be contributing to a DNA database of Scottish and
Irish clan groups. VisitScotland believes that DNA testing will be a draw
for ancestral tourists who might want to "walk in the footsteps of
their ancestors"....
[Ms Hsien LEI's photo]
« Medical Decision Support @ IBM | Main
Guest Blogger: Connected Health's Director Dr. Joseph Kvedar »
Top 10 Ways DNA Technology Will Change Your Life
We're delighted to welcome Hsien as a HealthNex guest blogger this week, especially as she has started a new publication -- EyeOnDNA -- on a topic that IBM considers critical in the advancement of electronic healthcare: the increasingly important role of genomics and DNA in society, medicine and culture. (In fact, its so important to IBM that we created the first Genetics Privacy policy for a major global company, and is a partner in the Genographic Project.)

Glasgow Caledonian University professor:
--- "Balloch, Kiain" <kiain> wrote:
> Subject: DNA testing for genealogy -
Opening of Centre for Forensic
> Investigation at Glasgow Caledonian University on 14 June 2007
> Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 12:01:49 +0100
> From: "Balloch, Kiain" <Kiain>
> Dear Sir/Madam
> Thank you for your message to Dr John Gow regarding the genealogy
> services that are planned at the Centre for Forensic Investigation
> at Glasgow Caledonian University.

> The official opening date for the Centre for Forensic Investigation
> is scheduled for 14 June 2007.
At that time we expect to be able to offer
> DNA-typing using 16 autosomal STR markers, 12 or 17 Y-STR markers
> and mitochondrial DNA typing.
> I have recently been appointed as a Post Doctoral Reseach Fellow
> working with Dr Gow to establish the DNA profile databases that
will form the basis of the genealogy work. We have retained your
contact details and will update you on the progress of our work and
> collaborations in due course.
> Kind regards, Kiain
> Dr Kiain Balloch
> Post Doctoral Reseach Fellow
> Centre for Forensic Investigation
> School of Life Sciences
> Charles Oakley Labs
> Glasgow Caledonian University

Nancy wrote (May 9, 2007):
Dear Dr. Balloch,
RE: LORD THOMAS MURRAY ELDER of Scotland, House of Lords.
An online article with political names supporting
Gordon Brown, on May 9, 2007, titled:
"Who's in Whose Camp" -- mentions "LORD (MURRAY) ELDER"

Would it be possible to send a Y-DNA kit to LORD MURRAY ELDER,
asking him to help announce the opening of the DNA lab
at Glasgow Caledonian University, and to compare his Y-DNA with the
current FamilyTreeDNA ELDER project?

Hope that helps!!

Nancy Elder Petersen
Host, ELDER DNA project
Nancy Elder Petersen
Vancouver, WA USA
Host, ELDER DNA project
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