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Name Arthur A._? GRAHAM
Birth 9 Sep 1875, Green Twp ?, Clinton Co, OH
Death 9 Feb 1966, Longview St Hosp, Hamilton Co, OH
Burial Resthaven Cem, Hamilton Co, OH, Sec 200 Block I
Misc. Notes
1.1/5/91 - LDS - Social Security File - Computer - SS#288-05-5104 - death residence localities - 45236 Cinti., Deer Park, Silverton.
2. Marriage license Hamilton Co Oh- Arthur resided St. Bernard & Viola resided Madisonville. Married by A. Arthur Griffith, Presbyterian. Contacted Mt Carmel Baptist Church 7/9/91 - said Arthur & Viola came to Mt Carmel by letter in 1905 from Norwood Baptist Church. Where did they come from? - Norwood had no record. [Check Presby churches in area.] -- have picture of their 60th wedding anniversary. - 1/27/93 - 1900 Cinti Oh census - 15-9-91 - Ward 2, Lane Seminary = Arthur A. Griffes, Presby. Minister, b Jul 1870 [29] "Sleeper"
Census: 1880 - Green Twp, Clinton Oh. Arthur age 4, s/f Andy & Levina 1900 - Union Twp, Clinton Co Oh - not in hh - ø in Soundex 1910 - Cosbey Ave & Blue Ash Pike, Sycamore Twp, Hamilton Co Co, Oh - Arthur 34, Viola 32, Sarah S. 8, Lillian S. 5, Dorothy P. 1&1/12. 1920 - Sycamore Twp, Hamilton Co Oh ED 520:11:337 - Arthur 45, Viola 42, Lillian 14, Dorothy 12, Alma 5, Arthur 3 & 3/12. [ Sycamore Rd near Plainfield Pike]
3. General notes from interviews with Mom [Alma Graham]: - Arthur stayed with a aunt in New Vienna when a yound man - last name not Graham - may have started with a B -- said Elliott seemed to ring a bell - was a shorter name, maybe 5 letters - house was right in New Vienna, smaller & wider, not tall. Mom was probably less than teens when she visited with Grandpa [Arthur]. Mom doesn't remember Grandpa talking about his family except his aunt in New Vienna. Mom also remembers Grandpa had cousins in Wilmington area. [Graham or Smithson ???] - Aunt Bertha Peepers lived around Mohawk/McMicken in Cinti - house set back - lived in downstairs part. - Mom said Arthur & Viola lived on Matson Ave in Deer Park pr to 1910 to at least when Mom was in 1st grade. [abt 1920 ?]; house at 4313 Sycamore Rd, Rosmoyne was built about 1917 - lumber from old barn on McCormack property, land given to Viola & Arthur by her parents. --1920 Census - lived on Sycamore Rd.
4. My notes - Arthur was an avid gardner who was known throughout the area for his beautiful gardens. Many people came o him for starting plants for their gardens. He had a large greenhouse for a long time. I need to find newspaper pictures of Grandpa & the "Night Bloomin Ceres" plant that he had for years - it was probably the only one in the area as people used to come to see it when it bloomed each year. There was at least one newspaper article that I remember. He also had a bicycle repair business at home as a sideline - he worked until retirement at Allis Chalmers plant in Norwood. Grandpa was a good mechanic & had a large workshop next to the garage that I remember. I used to spend hours with him there and in his gardens, asking thousands of questions. he was always patient and carefully explained whatever I had asked about. I vividly remember him explaining the use of a big red handled planer he had. He also kept a flag pole in his front yard for many years & reverently raised the American flag each morning. When I was there, I "helped" him and I remember how he taught me how to handle the flag - not allowing it to touch the ground and raising it with a sense of reverence and gratitude. I still choke up when the flag is raised. Grandpa was a devout Christian, a deacon in the Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Rossmoyne/Deer Park from about 1905 until near his death. He helped to build the new church [? yr] and that was the first place I visited when a newborn. I loved going to church with Grandpa & Grandma [ I was married there for my 1st marriage]. Grandpa spent many hours reading his Bible and when I was there he always read to me and talked to me about the Bible and Jesus. No question of mine was ever too silly to be given serious consideration. He and Grandma gave me my first Bible when I was 10 years old. I still have it. Grandma was a quieter person but I remember spending many hours sitting on a small stool at her side carefully cutting out quilt squares while she stitched pieces together. I have an old oval framed colored chalk picture of a night scene of a pond in the moonlight and a windmill that was given to Grandpa & Grandma as a wedding present in 1900. She thought it migh be older, I always admired it and when I was married, they gave it to me. Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Graham's house was the greatest pleasure of my younger life. I think it was a sanctuary for me - away from all of the sadness and loneliness. My favorite places, besides following Grandpa, were in the big old splint-trunk tree near the garage and in the very back of their property where a small stream made a turn and a waterfall about a foot high. The area was surrounded by tall weeds and had a little patch of the softest, greenest grass, just the right size for a small girl to stretch out and day-dream. I was a grown woman with children when that old tree was cut down but I cried! Grandma and Grandpa were so proud of me when I decided to start college [at age 30 & with 2 sons] and become a teacher. Grandma said she had a copy of a old McDuffy's reader that she was going to give to me but it had disappeared when she died. Sure wish I had it now. [Today is my 59th birthday and I am fighting tears as I remember those two beautiful dear loving people. I think they could take the credit for whatever good is in me today. 26 Jan 1993]
5. Notes from Ada Balshizer, d/o Lillian d/o Arthur Graham - said her Mom [Lillian] remembered talks with Grandma Viola about Grandpa being descended from a Duke in England - wrote things down in small notebook - Ada will try to find. --- I also remeber talking with Grandma & her telling me that Grandpa's grandfather or great grandfather was the younger son of a titled family that had a castle in England, he came to America & was possibly disowned by family. About time Grandpa & Grandma married [I think she said] 1900, some one received notice from England that he could claim 'castle' as owner died with no children - she said taxes were too much & he let estate go to state. ????? Am I remembering right - was Grandma ? Did she mean Graham or Smithson? Smithson's have been in America since about 1700. John b 1670 was probably 1st immigrant - to VA.
[? source - "English & Welsh Names ..."] GRAHAM: surname is used interchangeably with Graeme in Scotland. It is also spelled Grahames, Graems, Grimes. Patronymic derived from Greme, who was regent of Scotland during minority of Eugene !, 419 AD. Derivation of name from Anglo Saxon grim, Dutch germ, welsh grem, Gaelc gruam; surly, sullen, dark, having a fierce and stern look, courageous. No record of family earlier than King David of Scotland 1123 and was of local origin from a place called Graham or Graeme. Only place now, however, is near Kestoven, Lincolnshire, Eng. Name is found in the Hundred Rolls of England in 12th. century where family was established in Linlithgowshire, Forfurshire, Perthstone, Shirlingshire, Dumpfrieshire. The family possesses the dukedom marquisate and earldom of Montrose, the marquisate of Graham and Buchanan, earldoms of Airth Kineardine, Monteith and Strathen, Viscounts of Dundas, Dundee & Preston, lordships of Abevithven, Kilpoint and barony of Esk., etc. Benjamin - resident of Hartford, Ct., James, attorney general for Andros at Boston, Ma.; Samuel Grame, pewterer, joined church at Boston 1642.
1 Viola Elmira McCormack
Birth 8 Jul 1877, Greensburg, Decatur Co, IN
Death 22 May 1972, Rossmoyne, Hamilton Co, Ohio
Burial 25 May 1972, Resthaven Cem, Hamilton Co, Ohio
Father John EUBANK McCormack (1854-1921)
Mother Artie Misha "Ah-see-mista" Maffett (1858-1943)
Marriage 9 Sep 1900, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, Ohio
Children Sarah Lourella (1901-1985)
Lillian Stevens (1905-1987)
Dorothy Prudence (1908-1972)
Alma Gertrude (1914-)
Arthur Everson (1917-1944)
Eleanor Inez (1919-1920)
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